CNC use

CN Use

CNC use


At the end of the day, the trainee will be able to

  • set up a CNC machine (machining center or turning machine)


  • Mechanic, knwoledge in machining
  • Good knwoledge reading plan

Pedagogical tools

  • Simulator or live demonstration
  • Specific applications
  • Qualified trainers

Pedagogical methods

  • Interactive and friendly training approach
  • Active involvement of trainee
  • Applications, analysis and actions


  • Start and stop - set up a workpiece program
  • Creation and removal of a workpiece program
  • Set up the machine
    • standard of the machine
    • definition of the origin parts
  • Tool set up
    • Tool definition
    • Variation of tool size, dynamic connectors
  • Program test
    • machining start
    • set up the program during the production cycle


Training certification



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