After sales service

After sales service

Together after sales

Deeply implicated, our after-sales service is designed to support your demands on the best delay with the right technician (maintenance and repairs).


All calls are instantly handled by our dedicated team. With your customer references and the number of the machine, REPMO collaborators select the right expert able to fulfill your requirements: repair, supply of spare parts, programming...


A team of technicians is also available over the whole French territory for a prompt intervention in your workshops and factories.

These electronic mechanical experts are frequently trained to be constantly top of mind.


I don’t know any competitor of REPMO. The relationship is simple. When your machine breaks down, it is not a good a news. However there is no doubt that REPMO will promptly come and repair it.

Olivier Orange - CEO of SEROP Industrie (78, France), expert on precision engineering.

Contact the After sales service: +33 (0)1 49 46 61 45

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