Research and consulting

Research and consulting

Expert analysis

REPMO’s engineers are fully dedicated to support your industrial project. According to your specifications, they help you by setting up:

  • Type of machining
  • Tool’s selection
  • Level of automation
  • Production delay, operating cycle


Flexibility and Trust

VALEMO, our funding service, offers customizable funding solutions: credit, leasing or rental .

Knowledge of your business environment allows us to adapt each formula to your management priorities and return on investment criteria.

Which benefits ?

  • Machines 100% financed
  • Rents assignment as operating expense
  • No need of capital asset
  • Administrative delay reduced


  • Diversification of your funding sources
  • Strengthening your machining capacity without reducing your debt capacity
  • Maximize the flexibility of your industrial tool
  • ROI achieved

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After sales service

After sales service

Together after sales

Deeply implicated, our after-sales service is designed to support your demands on the best delay with the right technician (maintenance and repairs).


All calls are instantly handled by our dedicated team. With your customer references and the number of the machine, REPMO collaborators select the right expert able to fulfill your requirements: repair, supply of spare parts, programming...


A team of technicians is also available over the whole French territory for a prompt intervention in your workshops and factories.

These electronic mechanical experts are frequently trained to be constantly top of mind.


I don’t know any competitor of REPMO. The relationship is simple. When your machine breaks down, it is not a good a news. However there is no doubt that REPMO will promptly come and repair it.

Olivier Orange - CEO of SEROP Industrie (78, France), expert on precision engineering.

Contact the After sales service: +33 (0)1 49 46 61 45



Second-hand machines with initial performances

REPMO can both takes your old machine back and provides a large selection of second-hand machines.

Second-hand machines are configurated on our workshop to recover their initial performances:

  • geometry recovery
  • replacement of running gear
  • electronic system updating
  • painting...

Second-hand machines benefit from REPMO services (funding, training and consulting) as a new one.

Our second-hand machines

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