Control Management Productivity

  1. Automatic production start and stop
  2. Devices and control softwere
  3. Rating - value processing
  4. Measures archiving
  5. Storage in database
  6. Tool offset management


  • Module dedicated to large series (such as MURATEC turning machines)
  • Automatic control of the production thanks to permanent communication between the numeric control and the software.
  • Monitor 1 to 3 machines
  • Control 1 to 6 checkpoints
  • Manage 32 different ratings per checkpoint

Objective: Increasing the productivity

  • Real-time control: control system and automatic correction, no need to stop the line for parts control.
  • Traceability: archiving of measurements by team and by week
  • Control of operating costs: tool wear monitoring and management of spindles.
  • Rate of yield calculation and information linked to the production
  • Remote maintenance via Team viewer

The module enables the operator to have the usefull information in real time.

Muratec - Cellules robotisées

Control Management Flexibility

  1. Production planning
  2. References management
  3. Priority & schedule management
  4. Storage & traceability
MC-Flex Pallets
MC-Flex Pallets
MC-Flex machining center
MC-Flex machining center
MC-Flex Turning machine
MC-Flex Turning machine


  • Module dedicated to small to medium series
  • Application type: cell equipped with a machining center and a robot
  • Application type: cell equipped with a lathe and a barfeeder

Objective: optimization of the production and control of operating costs

  • Control of production schedule
  • Consumption of production tools monitoring
  • Consumption of raw material monitoring
  • Optimization of human ressources, handling and human interventions reduced
  • Traceability and storage of production data
  • Remote maintenance via Team viewer

Machines become autonomous and versatile.

Cellules robotisées

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