To be innovative over time

A family group

Founded in 1970 in the heart of the Paris basin, REPMO is a family adventure.

Historically expert in traditional chipping activities, it quickly integrated a dynamic, specialist team, available at any time.

The Group has always represented leading manufacturer of machine tools in their fields. From the beginning, REPMO has been recognized for his high quality service before and after sale.

Fully involved with customers to fulfill their expectations, REPMO has now 6400 m2 showroom on 3 sites, a commercial team throughout France and a fleet of technicians known for their skills.

National coverage

Historically based in the North of France, REPMO extended its expertise and commitment on the entire French territory. The installing of 4 workshops (Paris, Nantes and Lyon) ensures close proximity to our customers. Located in the heart of each area, we are deeply aware of specific technical and economic issues.

A constant: innovation

The machine tools field has recently experienced deep changes, with an increasing importance of digital technologies more and more combined with industrial process.

The factory 4. 0 is real. REPMO has taken key positions in order to offer customers the best existing and future technology. This is the reason why the Group recently established a strong partnership with an expert on additive manufacturing: CONCEPT LASER. In this perspective, REPMO extended its team to provide turnkey solution to its customers.

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Turnkey solutions

Located in the Rhône-Alpes basin since 1990, Techni-Cn offers tailor-made solutions: automated cells. Those specific products are mainly developed for the automotive, medical, mold sectors…Solutions mix machines and robots.

On June 27th 2017, Techni-Cn merged with Repmo. Nowadays the two companies closely work together, hand by hand, to deliver the best solution to their customers. Strong and flexible, the Repmo Group is ready to handle the future.



Be strong

REPMO is deeply committed to become the creator of the factory of the future , and aims at embody its customers to develop their own 4.0 workshop.

This strong ambition is definitively driven by our values:


Strong value in REPMO it both defines our intern interactions between colaborators and extern in our relations with our customers.


The REPMO group never gives up its values and beliefs . However this tenacity is not akin to stubbornness . History shows that we are able to adapt our vision and model to our environement.


REPMO is an independant group, able to shape its future and change smoothly its business model.


Creator of the future factory


Today the machine becomes a real interface between Men and the world, across all sectors , private life or professional environment.

Through the signature " machines and men," REPMO asserts its conviction that the difference will be made by Men facing ever higher performance.

REPMO does not limit its involvment to productivity , innovation makes sense only if it improves quality of life.

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