Turning-milling centers, heavy lathes

Since 1926 Tacchi has provided CNC lathes, turning-milling centers and deep hole boring machines from medium to big parts. Located in Milan, Tacchi possesses its own workshop to produce all the components of the machines, from the heaviest casting to the smallest gear.

Tacchi is a family business runned today by the 4th generation. They have developed innovative solutions to optimize the machining of complex and big components. “Multi-tasking” solutions allow the operator to carry out turning, milling, grinding and many other operations on the same machine.

A wide range of accessories are available to customize the machines for all specifics requirement and operations. The main benefits are:

  • Reduction of handling operations
  • Shortening of some non-productive time
  • Optimization of the machine fleet
  • Optimization of the ground space

Tacchi is one of the best solution to manufacture medium to big and complex parts.

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