Machine tools


Repmo — Milling

The Group REPMO-TECHNI-CN provides customized solutions with a large portfolio of specialized constructors:

  • Horizontal and vertical machining centers
  • 3 to 7 axis
  • Hard and soft (composite) materials
  • Configurable for automation


Repmo — Turning

The Group REPMO-TECHNI-CN offers a wide range of turning centers allowing high flexibility :

  • Different numerical degrees : conventional to CNC lathes
  • Different level of automation
  • Vertical and horizontal
  • single or twin spindle, sub-spindle
  • Large size or compact


Repmo — EDM

In addition to traditionnal machining, EDM opens broader opportunities through its cutting height and extreme precision.

This process allows the machining of hard materials without mechanical effort when removing material.

It is particularly suitable for precision machining or construction of injection mold borrowed .

High capacity

Repmo — High capacity

The REPMO-TECHNI-CN Group offer a range of specific machines capable of machining parts of high dimensions:

  • vertical machining centers
  • milling-turning centers
  • high drilling machines

These machines integrate various technologies as turning, milling, grinding, drilling. Therefore it is specifically dedicated to gaz, oil, transport, aeronautic and aerospace industries...

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