Boring-Milling machines - Lathes - High capacity

Skoda has been a well-established constructor since 1911. Offering high capacity machines, they are specifically present in power, oil & gas industries, shipbuilding, transportation, earth moving equipment and general machining.

All machines can be easily automated and equipped by automatic milling-head changer, automatic tools changer and automatic table changer.

With large and flexible machines, Skoda is the solution for challenging and technical projects:

  • Power: Nuclear, coal & gas, hydro power plant components, wind power components, heat exchangers
  • Shipbuilding: Diesel engine blocks, crankshafts, gearboxes, propeller shafts, propeller blades
  • Oil & gas: Valves, vessels, offshore platform components, pipes
  • Transportation: Bogie frames & chassis, engine blocks, airplane landing gears, forms for automotive
  • Earth moving equipment: Mining extractor components
  • General machining: Large size gears…

Machines provided high machining capacities:

  • Boring-milling Series: Spindle diameter from 130 to 300 mm - Y axis from 3 000 to 10 000 mm
  • Lathe Series: Headstock traverse from 1 250 to 6 000 mm
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