3D Printing


Industrial scale

CONCEPT LASER launchs its new 3D metal printing machine 100% dedicated to production on industrial scale. This machine is the most automated additive manufacturing solution on the market, offering considerable time and cost saving!

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Great Innovation:

Physically decouple the machine units for part production and for set-up and dismantling processes:

  • M LINE Factory PRD: the production unit
  • M LINE Factory PCG: the processing unit

This new modular architecture is designed for a perfect stacking of the machines thanks to an integrated tunnel concept. Machines can be loaded and unloaded with minimal stoppage time. This offers great flexibility for production and different factory configurations.

Serial production configuration:

Several production units with one processing unit. This "line" can be easily scaled up for different products.

Prototyping / small series configuration:

One production unit with several processing unit, each processing unit dedicated to a single material.

This innovation in tems of architecture comes with many other technological innovations. With a big production capacity and even more laser power, the M LINE Factory can reach tremendous production speed. A new recoating system contributes to reduce production time.

M LINE Factory PRD characteristics:

  • Production volume of 400 x 400 x 425 mm
  • From 1 to 4 lasers with build plate coverage redundancy
  • Laser power of 400 W or 1000 W per laser
  • 2-way coating system
  • Varioscan
  • Tool-exchanger
  • New software suite

M LINE Factory PCG characteristics:

  • Working under inertized atmosphere
  • Sucking lense for unpacking
  • Integrated sieving station
  • Can work with several M LINE Factory PRD
  • New software suite
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