Repmo, Machines and men

Des machines
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Repmo, Machines and men
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Freshly arrived in CONCEPT LASER portfolio, this machine makes possible to manufacture even larger parts with greater productivity without losing any of its familiar compactiviness.

The new powder sieving process complies with medical’s requirements.

3D Metal printing – Special Aeronautics

About Repmo

You can put a name and a face on every Repmo technician. This is the REPMO strenght.
Anthony Plessis,
PMP Society

Today machines became a true and common interface between Men and their personal and professional life, in all sectors.

Through the signature “Machines and Men”, Repmo asserts its conviction that the difference will be made by Men facing every higher performance.

One of our objective is to increase your productivity. However, we believe that innovation is useful only if it enhances life quality.

Repmo is committed to be the creator of the future factory and offers to you all key elements to be part of it.

We deeply believe in our core values: loyalty, tenacity and liberty

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